John McNicholl - The Singles (CD Album)


John McNicholl - The Singles (CD Album)


Released: 19/05/2017

Collection of John McNicholl's singles featuring tracks previously not for sale and duets with Mary Byrne and Sandy Kelly.



1. Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
2. Dream Lover (with Mary Byrne)
3. Come On Dance
4. La Rosa Del Paso
5. Sealed with a Kiss
6. John's Jiving Medley
7. Walk Down the Aisle With Me
8. Your One and Only
9. Wherever You Are
10. Welcome Home (with Sandy Kelly)
11. There Were Roses
12. As Long As I Got You
13. Oh Julie
14. Heavenly
15. Gonna Get a Life
16. Crazy Over You
17. Hopelessly Yours
18. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
19. Two Minus One
20. Walk Through This World With Me

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